For Enterprise and Lenders: CredAppeal

CredAppeal offers a white-labeled solution for any business, organization or affinity group to offer various financial services to their members to increase their member’s financial well-being.  With over $130 billion locked up every week in payroll we thought it wise to set it free and allow the end users to decide what it is worth. 

For Consumers: CredSocial

CredSocial is a financial application focused on delivering simple, high quality, on-demand banking services and products. By example, CredSocial builds trust with members through transparency and fee-free financial products; relying on our members to support our social initiatives through a fair payment model. CredSocial is democratizing immediate access to small dollar loans, savings and general banking for millions of people. CredAppeal’s global marketplace platform powers the InstaCred system to efficiently connect capital to its demand without intermediaries. Visit for more information.






  • Zero knowledge database.
  • Underwriting and servicing.
  • PCI compliant.
  • Branded solution.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Online / Mobile enrollment.
  • Underwriting and servicing.
  • Multi asset settlement


  • Instant usage.
  • Reloadable.
  • Online / Offline usage.
  • Worldwide acceptance.
  • Flexbile denominations.
  • Various repayment options.
  • 24/7 customer aervice.
  • Mobile optimized.